Wage administration includes:

monthly calculations of wages and salaries (including benefits items, deductions, overtime pay, illnesses...) based on source documents received from the client (i.e. attendance record);
pay slips and payment orders for wire transfers;
working out payroll sheets, other statements and statutory declaration related processing payroll;
registration and deregistration employees to health and social security insurance;
monthly payroll reports for health and social security insurance institutions;
statutory calculation of employer liability insurance;
annual calculation of employee taxes (clearing of income tax);
annual report for the tax office


Besides payroll and labour costs keeping of accounts, we also represent clients in dealing with state insurance institutions and authorities including a statutory wage control every two years.We will take care of all your legal obligations regarding processing payroll and electronic submission of declaration or other reports to the institutions. We process agenda of foreign employees and different statements as well. Furthermore we can offer other additional services (related consulting and support adiministrative services concerning personal agenda).