The reason to establish the firm in 2005 was a thought of the founder Marcela Bakalarova to offer skilled external services of accounting based on an experience gained since 1993 in the financial and payroll accounting field in various spheres of action (international trade, manufacturing, intermediaries, real estate, rental properties, branches and subsidiaries, permanent establishment etc.) to small companies primarily.

In the cooperation with qualified colleagues we would like to offer you quality services, confidentiality policy regarding information acquired. In providing accounting services we aim to adapt to your organization needs and meet your requirements in accordance with legal rules. We also keep ourselves updated with the latest changes in tax lows and statements.

The period of handing over documents, accounting data and outputs, other individual client´s needs and conditions of cooperation are agreed individually with each of the client. The optimum interval sending your documents to us and accounting records return is a month. Although quarterly period processed is not usual so much, we provide it. We can also manage your weekly bookkeeping, facilitating feedback, checking and solving deficiency in a timely, prepare financials and other weekly tasks. Our standard service is one hour per month to support, advising and solution some accounting events.

▪ If you are a new established entity and need the accounting service, we can carry out your accounts from designing account structures to drawing up relevant tax declarations to comply of legal payments and obligations required,

▪ if you are opening a branch office in the Czech Republic and you need to process your accounting, payroll and tax duties according to the domestic legislation,

▪ or at the present time if you or your customers are considering to select an external form processing accounting for your business and looking for reliable and efficient external partner for your accountancy, we believe our office might be helpful to you.

If you have any queries to our services do not hesitate to contact us: we will be pleased to answer you another particulars.